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Tasting & Cooking

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Enoteca Meucci. A real paradise for food and wine lovers


Where wine meets food

We offer numerous wine-related activities, including Wine Tours, Wine Tasting, and Cooking Classes. Furthermore, most of the experiences we offer can be customized according to the preferences of the clients.


In summary, Enoteca Meucci provides a unique and comprehensive experience for wine and gastronomy enthusiasts, capable of satisfying every need. An unforgettable day immersed in the culture and tradition of the region.


The best way to learn about wine

Whether it's in our Wine Shop or at the accommodation where you're staying, we can organize various types of tastings. Our staff will guide you in discovering one of the most fascinating worlds: the world of wine. You'll uncover anecdotes and stories related to the most important Tuscan denominations such as Chianti Classico or Brunello di Montalcino, not to mention Cortona Syrah, of which you can explore all the facets. But it's not just Tuscany; if you wish, we can also organize wine tastings from nearby Umbria or any area of Italy. Better yet, we can create a true journey that starts from Piedmont, the home of Nebbiolo, passing through Veneto, and ending up in Sicily, perhaps tasting wines from Mount Etna, which are increasingly making their mark on the national wine scene. Let yourself be transported into a unique experience filled with knowledge and good drinking.


If you wish we can also organize wine tastings from nearby Umbria or from any area of ​​in Italy, or better still, create a real journey that starts from Piedmont, the heart of Nebbiolo, passing through Veneto up to Sicily and maybe tasting the wines of Etna that are making more and more progress in the national wine scene. Let yourself be carried away in a unique experience of knowledge and fine wine tasting.



Discovering olive oil

Our tastings are an experience to discover the flavors and characteristics of different olive oils from the most renowned areas of the region.

Each oil has its own distinctive characteristics, such as fruity, bitter and spicy flavours. During the tasting, the participants will learn to recognize the different characteristics and to combine them with the right foods.

Our olive oil tastings are perfect for lovers of gastronomy and cooking or for those who simply want to deepen their knowledge of the wonderful food that is an important part of our culture and regional tradition.


The Art of the Tuscan Kitchen

Our cooking classes are a unique opportunity to learn typical Tuscan dishes with our Chef Massimo Romano. During the cooking class, our chef will guide the participants through the preparation of delicious dishes typical of the region, offering advice and suggestions on cooking techniques, wine pairings and the use of high quality local ingredients.

The cooking class is an interactive experience, which requires the active participation of the participants, who will learn how to prepare dishes under the expert guidance of our chef. Furthermore, at the end of the lesson, the participants will be able to taste the dishes they have prepared, accompanied by a selection of wines. Our cooking classes are perfect for lovers of gastronomy and cooking, and for those who want to discover the culture and tradition of the region through the flavors and aromas of Tuscan cuisine.

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