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Wine Shop

Wine Shop

Our history

Un progetto che nasce dalla passione per il buon vino e l’amore per la cucina di Mauro e Laura


Our mission is crystal clear: we want to spread the culture of wine

You will currently find more than 2000 different products on the shelves of our shop in Riccio di Cortona, including red wines, rosé wines, white wines, Italian sparkling wines, Champagne, spirits and bitters.


The wines of the Cortona area enjoy a place of honor in our vast selection; all wines made in the area are available in our shop. This is because we believe in the terroir of Cortona and in its winemakers. In agreement with these skilled artisans, we sell their wines at winery prices.


The position of honor goes to natural triple A wines (an acronym that stands for agricultural farmers, artisans, and artists) that highlight the hard work of a number of great Italian winemakers, veritable artists who focus on wine authenticity. In addition, you’ll find a wide range of biodynamic, ancestral and organic wines.


Wines from Cortona, from Tuscany and from around the world!

The region of Tuscany is carefully represented with its most renowned areas, from Chianti to Montalcino, from Montepulciano to Bolgheri, and by its best brands. 


It’s a quick hop from Tuscany to the wines of the rest of Italy! Here, too, our selection does not fail to amaze.


And it’s not just wine. At Enoteca Meucci, you’ll discover all sorts of distillates and bitters.

The store is located along the Strada Regionale 71, the road that leads from the foot of Cortona to Lake Trasimeno. Our expert sommelier, Massimiliano Silvestrini, is always available to help you, ready to give you the best advice, whatever your budget or taste.


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